Wednesday, November 19, 2008

...wait just a moment...

Hang about everyone...

Former ITV political editor John Sergeant has quit Strictly Come Dancing.

The popular contestant on the BBC1 entertainment show has pulled out following a storm over his continuing success, with judges such as Arlene Phillips questioning his commitment.

He said today in a statement: "I am sorry to say I have decided to leave Strictly Come Dancing. It was always my intention to have fun on the show and I was hoping to stay in as long as possible. The trouble is that there is now a real danger that I might win the competition. Even for me that would be a joke too far. I would like to thank Kristina and all those viewers who have been rooting for me through the series."

So it looks like TMP does have a magic prescient ability that actually intervenes to affect events, after all. Stand by while we work out how to use it for the benefit of mankind. Here's one to be getting on with, though:

"Gordon Brown resigns as the result of a nervous breakdown when it emerges that he was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future, and was shown the effects of his disastrous policies on the families of the the UK..."

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