Thursday, November 06, 2008

No time for novices

This is certainly no time for novices, Gordon. But despite all the practise, you still can't tell a convincing lie.

Surely Gordon Brown and his puppet Darling are too deep in the economic mire to be hauled out this time..? The IMF now warns that UK economy is far, far deeper in distress than Brown has been protesting, and effectively confirms that Broon's febrile assertions about it being well placed are yet so many more unctuous lies to add to his already outstanding litany of deceptions.

So of course the battered £ is also sliding away from view, and a full-scale sterling crisis is once again around the corner. The once unthinkable - parity with the Euro - now seems inescapable.

Labour does it yet again, as we said it would. Sometimes it would be wonderful to proved wrong when predicting the depths of the next disaster that Blair and now Brown have taken this country to, but in all the time this blog has been running, it has yet to happen.

If they can be caught so flat footed by the banking crisis and then smugly tell so many unmitigated lies and untruths about the state of the economy, why should anyone believe anything this this wretched and discredited government has to say?

For all our sakes, go now.

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