Monday, November 24, 2008

The root of all fiscal evil...

Of course this budget will be yet another disaster; but don't expect the establishment left at the BBC to face reality until income tax rises to 101p in the £. (Incidentally, on Darling's own numbers, even that would not pay off the National Debt he and Broon have managed to run up).

Broon is always so keen to start any conversation these days with the notion that the UK is the victim of a "global" situation - but Slick Willy Clinton admits the origin of the current crisis was actually US democrats "encouraging" Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to underwrite toxic mortgages to keep voters sweet. ie precisely what Broon and his calamity-prone Caledonian cabal are now doing for the UK!

This is a 100% socialist originated crisis - created by US Democrats playing politics; so quite how more socialists playing at more socialist politics can get us out of it, is a mystery.

Watch Slick Willy "fess up" on the YouTube clip!

(Also follow the other links on that page for more background)

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