Friday, August 13, 2010

Bean counters an endangered species?

Great reforming news: the Audit Commission gets dumped- completely!

We are spared more inane claptrap such as:

"This draft strategic plan aligns with the Commission's diversity scheme Value for all, which focuses on the relationship between equality and diversity and achieving more for less. Well-designed, efficient, value-for-money services recognise that, while everyone has the same basic needs, if services are to be effective, some people need them to be delivered differently. They may also need help to locate and use them. Failure to understand and address this issue can lead to poorly designed services that are ineffective, often costing taxpayers more in the long run."

We searched their site with the phrase "cost of audit commission" and didn't get one direct response. But who on earth will want to hire 2000 institutionalised jobsworths?

Maybe Alex Salmond's Socialist People's Republic of Scotland ?

We bet this has put the wind up a lot of Brown's old fiefdoms; send for the next sacred socialist cow, please!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Down the emergeny escape

Hats off to the airline steward who quit in such a grand manner after getting hassle from the public.. 

Too bad the public don't have a similar option to arbitrarily escape the clutches of bad service at the hands of the millions of jobsworths that modern business practises have created in collusion with governments that have permitted mostly unaccountable cartels to take over - because they are easier to regulate and tax than thousands of smaller and more diverse businesses that would have to try harder to survive.