Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gordon's Genius Revealed ..!

News of Germany beating the UK to the "R" word was not a surprise. Their problem is they have an economy based on the old-fashioned Victorian notion of manufacturing and exporting to create wealth, as opposed to the City's sophisticated process of manipulating numbers. So when the world economy tanks, no one can afford to buy anything, and the Germans can't sell anything. You don't have to be John Maynard Keynes to work that one out.

However, then it suddenly dawned on me why Gordon has been telling everyone we are better equipped to deal with the recession than anyone else. Doh... Gordon, you are indeed a genius after all ! It is so obvious!!

There was nothing more we could lose: we already have no resources left; we already have no manufacturing industry, we already have a rapidly devaluing currency, we already have no friends...

But with our legendary financial prowess and peerless City skills, we will obviously be perfectly set up as "Receivers and Liquidators of the Western World" when the Koreans, Indians, Chinese and Arabs turn up for the auction. Gordon, I take my hat off to you.

Now just remind that mad Jowell woman that you saw this coming all the time, and had spent 11 years planning this uber-cunning strategy before she tells anyone else it came as a total shock and a complete surprise, and of course we wouldn't have wasted $9+bn on feting drug-addled foreigners in 2012 if we had known.

Let's see if Boris can put on his wretched Whiff Waff show using all existing venues for an austerity budget of "just" £1bn and get the mood and expectations sorted out.

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