Monday, April 06, 2015

Talking Balls: A Masterclass

Well, here you are... the slightly less scary half of the 
pair of Balls that are perilously close 
to being part of the next UK government.

Forgive me






  ...and here is a home movie from the last time the
UK people we daft enough to trust me and theLabour party...

Friday, April 03, 2015

Weary already?

This election marathon is going to test the stamina of everyone in the country.The election debates before "selected" audiences have done little but keep the media excited and confused. So here is all you need to know...

Nigel Farage - the most direct

Dave looking Prime Ministerial

Scary Scottish Dominatrix and Big Spender of English Cash

The Biggest Loser: Ed "Talks in Slogans" Millband
Australian Woman Who Wants to Spend Your Money
Hi de Hi! hwyl fawr a phob lwc

"Just like that" - an excellent audience participation moment

Pritti by name: clear winner of the Political Totty Challenge

Brave face: half of Labour's pair of Balls