Sunday, November 30, 2008

Comrade Smith and her KGB

Andrew Marr might be starting to realise that his next boss will be appointed by a Tory government; he had the Stasi Commissar on his show this morning, and set about her reasonably firmly and unsympathetically.

Amongst other implausible responses, Comrade Smith said she did not sign off on the Damian Green phone tap, and then appeared to go very coy, very quickly. Andrew Marr mentally "bookmarked" the moment, and rather than continue to press her (she evaded most questions in the usual manner), simply confirmed (quietly) that she had said she did know about any phone tap.

Comrade Smith very poignantly then tried to back out by suggesting that Home Secretaries never comment on matters of that sort - but her body language suggests she realised she's stepped in it. I was disappointed Marr didn't also observe that this all happened when it was another good day to "bury news".

Top Marks also for Carol Voderman who was one of the Sunday paper commentators, and Gulam "no more immigration" Noon. The BBC must be getting concerned that there are no more safe and properly politically correct socialists left to put on their sofas, when even the immigrants themselves are starting to suggest such naughty things.

They'll have to place ads in the Graun to see if there are any left...

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