Sunday, August 21, 2011

A cunning plan, after all?

So Apple is now worth as much as all euro zone banks..?

There is not nearly enough discussion of what is going on in the Eurozone and where this has GOT to end up. The Europhiliacs at the BBC continue to be in a state of terrified denial, and even Sky News is avoiding the subject in case recession mania causes everyone paying the ~£50 monthly sky tax to consider FreeSat instead.

The Ancient Greeks ironically warned us 3000 years ago: "In a democracy, the people will always vote to spend all the money on themselves". And they never forgot how...

Is is inevitable that the Eurozone will be transformed either into the Fourth Reich (quite possible, we know the Germans enjoy their beach vacations) or chopped back up into a series of discrete "happy go lucky" economies where the industrious and wealth creating rich go for a good time, with the unfortunate occupants of those countries being dragged along in a world in which they are simply not financially or temperamentally equipped to compete.

But fortunately for the rest of us, during most of the period since Ancient Greeks, there was no"democracy". Instead a bunch of human rights denying despots that understood the basics of gathering wealth and empires, by nicking it and keeping it of the hands of those who would waste/spend it.

Maybe the Western allies' moves to force "democracy" on the fabulously wealthy oil states is so that the occupants of those states will start spending the money on themselves and boosting the global economy. There may not be so many gold and marble palaces built, huge offshore bank accounts accumulated or £20m horses bred, but a lot more goods will be bought to keep trading nations ticking over.

Mostly though, has anyone got a better idea?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Attention Rich Bastards leading comfortable lives:

We are where we are, and setting fire to your own neighbourhood is the act of criminal morons, not class warriors and social savants. Plus the BBC, of course, is handing out enough excuses and angst to keep the flames well fanned.

RIP Broken Britain..?  You went soft on discipline.. You went soft on immigration You went soft on crime.. Parents were told.. 'No you can't smack the kids'....Teachers were prevented from chastising kids in schools.. The police couldn't clip a troublemaker round the ear.. Kids had rights blah blah blah.. At worst we have lost a whole generation, but at best we have a vast resource of presently unproductive labour that just might be turned into productive citizens, with a bit of thought and cunning.

The problem is rooted in 40 years of a messed up education system that was stripped of value in the holy name of social engineering in the 70s, and fatally fooked over during the last Labour government which made the already tough process of social (and actual) mobility so much worse by adding VAST heaps of red tape and process that hampers all aspects of education and business.

The gap between richest and poorest grew considerably, largely as a result of Labour's witless efforts to grow and maintain a dependent client state.

But all that does not begin to excuse organised "extreme shopping trips" by the ill-disciplined and amoral underclass; a better answer is to think through a credible social strategy, and then peacefully occupy the streets outside the homes of the witless MPs who are so obsessed with irrelevant trivia like celebrity phone hacking.

So then, here is TMP's suggestion:

Attention Rich Bastards leading comfortable lives: it's time to do your bit. Many of you have taken advantage of the stupidity of Labour's asset bubble and casino economics over the past 15 years.
So pay a reward to anyone turning in a looter. The witness intimidation is likely to be stellar, but this lot come from a culture that will do anything for money. Double bonus for anyone shopping their own granny.

Above all, find ways to ensure that these cretins have something valuable to lose. I am not suggesting the full "Tradings Places" treatment, although that movie contains a very interesting message for our times.

The reward doesn't have to be cash to be spent on crack, but a form of community grant to begin to address some of the underlying issues that are complained about. Money for education; starting businesses...

You're a smart lot, now prove it.

Lord Sugar and the Dragons could very usefully lead this from the front.

How about it?

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mr Patel's Army ..?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

It's easy to say TMP saw this one coming. If you look back through the archives you will see we have consistently predicted the reality and undercurrents that shape UK society in the past few years.
 Sprinkle on the recent humiliation of all forms of traditional authority resulting from the MP expense fiasco, and then the high profile police resignations around phonegate, and we have a recipe for insurrection. Or do we?

The London riots were all about greed and looting; there was almost no political relevance. There has been no real effect yet felt from so-called "cuts". The rioters were not "protesters" as the BBC controversially insisted on describing them; they were street kids who believed that they could get "free stuff", and that the police (and public) were too scared to stop them.

We have all now seen that the politically neutered Police have not got a chance of dealing with trouble on this modest scale - so there will now have to be organised citizen defence groups, and the best  thing we can do is to accept the fury of "the majority" and channel it into something approaching a modern "Home Guard" to assist the police, and deter the troublemakers at source.

The Turks who defended areas around Hackney have not featured on the "official" news anywhere. is this because the establishment has told the media not give people ideas - after all, we have seen how effective the BBC has been when inciting the riots in the first place by helping spread some notion of entitlement to protest, when a known drug dealer got caught up in an "incident".

It seems undeniable that the whole thing kicked off in the one-parent West Indian community - once the traditional object of fear and disdain by "responsible citizens" because of the undeniable connection between this community and London street crime. But fear of the West Indian gangland community was largely overtaken in the "public bogeyman" stakes by concern for Islamic terrorism.

It moved from these bored schoolkids to include "any old scum" when the BBC implied that there was a consequence-free time to be had looting apparently unpoliced areas. Is it really too much to expect that the BBC (and Sky) could have put up regular notices listing the potential sentences, and warning the (very stupid) rioters that you WILL be caught, and you WILL be jailed, and the goods you have stolen WILL be traced.

Now a big fear for the Met Police must be that the traditionally more coherent and responsible family ethnic/religious groups like Seikhs, Muslims and Hindus are already organising themselves into defence groups. Like the Turks of north London, they are not going to sit by and watch their businesses raided and torched.

This shambles was not the result of a "tiny" minority, but it was the result of a minority that could very easily be outnumbered by relatively small proportion of the responsible communities where they are based that was determined to put a stop to it.

Don't let the fluffies deter you; maybe their 15 year rule or irrelevant social engineering is over at last, and the common sense of the people can prevail once again..?.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Direct action...

Too much fringe social media is used by extremist factions to gee themselves up with "positive feedback", while "normal" people on sites like Facebook shy away from using what is generally a broad and moderate cross-opinion platform for political (or religious) debate.

If you have friends on Facebook whose political views are so at variance with yours, that telling what you believe to be the honest truth, causes friction because you cannot agree to disagree, and then deal with a grown up debate - you have discovered why so many PC-obsessed societies have been unable to hold proper debates and discussions about the onslaught of the breakdown of discipline and self discipline after years of misdirection by irresponsible social manipulators.

It is because we have been manoeuvred into being lost in "PC denial" - thanks to the efforts of the architects of political correctness: Tony "show me the money" Blair and his ghastly wife; Shagger Clinton and his even more dangerous missus, Hilary - plus the entire establishment of the EU - that we are where we are: properly fooked.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Of course it's not the rioters' fault

The problem seems to be that our society is at an end point. The gathering financial storm simply has to recognise that Broon used up all the quick fixes when he tried to buy the last UK general election, and there is no escape from our situation of "no money".

The witless social engineering fluffies that managed to dishonestly finance themselves and their dogma for the past 30 years with fairy money have - without regard for circumstance or relevance - systematically distracted every walk of life by imposing their skewed notions of "accountability" procedures, processes and political correctness that stifles initiative, common sense and any desire to "take responsibility".

The legions of our growing entitlement and benefit culture eagerly leverage this fundamental weakness, and blame everyone and anything but themselves when things go wrong.

Community "leaders" predictably are now saying love, understanding and money needed to rebuild ... Wrong. Leave Tottenham as a smouldering monument to remind us all that the "free social money party" is over, so especially don't shit on your own doorsteps. Instead, you need to defend them and disarm  those who try and disrupt your community.

Maybe we can spend a little cash to erect a razor wire enclosure to keep them all in while they contemplate what they have done - and allowed to be doine. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.