Thursday, November 27, 2008

Living in the present (contd)

It's typical of Guardian stalwarts that even the cartoonist remains firmly stuck in the past, although the editorial occasionally seems to accept that where we are now headed is rather more germane than where we have been. One of the accidents of birth of the Torytubbies is that they were still reading the Beano and watching as Nat Rothchild shoved portable toilets down hillsides, when some of the heinous VAT sins of their forebears were committed. However, both Broon and Darling were most assuredly present and preening when the Labour pledge on taxation was made - and now broken.

Cutting costs and generally being less profligate is something every person and organisation in the UK expects to have to do - other than those funded by the taxpayer. Please Graun, stop thinking about all the money you rake in from the endless procession of public sector recruitment. and start refusing adverts for fairyland jobs dreamt up by various the elves and gnomes of local government to decorate their bulging grottos with yet more pensionable irrelevance, eh? Thanks!

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