Friday, November 28, 2008

A clunking fist too far

TMP worries that it's impossible to use too much hyperbole and too many "scares" when describing Broon's government's behaviour. Jacqui Smith pretends she knew nothing of this action, but we can't wait to see the leaked evidence that she, and the other members of the Broon's inner cabal, did!

The news of the police state action against a Tory shadow minister will not surprise as many as it should, and if the BBC deal with this in the same way they trumpeted every scrap of Tory sleaze in the run up to Blair's media beatification in 1997, Broon will be trussed up in time for Christmas.

Consider this - the basis of Green's arrest:-

... the offence of Misfeasance in Public Office is committed by a public officer acting as such who wilfully neglects to perform his duty and/ or wilfully misconducts himself to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of public trust in the office holder, without reasonable excuse or justification

That's it then. We have all the excuse we need. We can safely arrest the entire government, starting with Broon and Darling. Who wants to get up a posse for a citizens' arrest? What possible defence can they put up? Insanity?

We don't believe that a defence of "fear of losing state-pensionable employment" is admissible ...yet!

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