Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where's Dave?

Stock markets are still stuttering. Mind you after a 8-10% one day hike, profit taking was always going to happen. If speculators feel they can drive it back down again having taken their one-hour profit, they will.

While everyone is in reflective mood and ready to rip up the rulebooks, and mostly still trying to work out what happened, it seems perfectly reasonable to require that stocks should to be held for at least 48 hours to stabilise the market excesses and deter "toxic speculation".

Now is a golden moment for Cameron and Co. to step up with a new agenda and fresh thinking - where is he? He could even crow about his efforts to retain the union when all around we urging him to cut Scotland adrift - that redoubtable rascal Alex Salmond is going to have a hard time using Iceland as his role model for independence for a while...

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