Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Now kiss farewell to £50bn

There is vastly more evidence for the existence of fairies than Gordon Brown's fiscal responsibility; just ask JK Rowling and her enviable bank balance. This is the man who said there would be no more boom and bust, so it was mildly distracting that the rescue package should be delivered by two favourite characters from childhood fairy stories.

Eeyore and Badger switched from being responsible socialists to become the most rampant capitalists in the country in the space of 24 hours, because they found themselves backed into a corner by a series of moves by market speculators.

Now pause for a moment - in all this crisis there are been nary a mention of "all that" Arab money. What is it doing? Is it just possible that the fabulously cash-rich fundamentalist regimes and terrorists have eventually learned what Germany and Japan both learned post WW2, ie that cash is far mightier than the bomb? We are indeed being driven slowly but surely towards adopting the fundamentals of a Sharia economy where interest is regarded as usury, and people simply can't spend what they don't have.

Never mind the stupid notion of "solidarity in times of crisis", if the bus is heading over the cliff, it's time to change the driver. Would you buy a used platitude from the man (and his sidekick) who said there would be no more boom and bust..? If he can make one such a cataclysmic misjudgement on what was allegedly his "specialist subject" , then can anyone believe anything he says about anything?

It is time for an EU-wide debate followed by proper elections and a series of referenda on issues such as the apparently unsustainable Euro to enable the people to decide how to reward the smug self-serving idiots who are responsible for this mess.

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