Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The bunko booth of Threadneedle Street

Given the ease with which amounts such as £500bn are being flung around by people who have not created a single £ of wealth ever in their entire miserable lives, let's consider what other "big plays" might be possible by those of us equally qualified to set the world to rights.

Given that there is no such thing as government funding - it's always your money and my money - what can we do to put the people in better control of their own money once again?

Ironically, it was the Bank of England's profligacy back in the 18th century lead to the imposition of the taxes on the colonies that kick-started the US war of independence. Whereupon they quickly learned about the joys of central banks and fractional reserve banking for themselves.

Issuing money where there is no basis of supporting value (eg gold or silver bullion) would be called fraud in most circumstances. This video is a useful backgrounder to the situation in the US (and de facto, everywhere else...)

One conclusion is that the banking system is entirely manipulated to create an upward spiral (boom) in equity values based on the presumption of inflation. Which allows governments to devalue their debt at regular intervals (busts) and force savings to fund equities because interest rates alone can never compete with inflation. And so the smart money gets out at the top ..and back in at the next bottom.

It isn't rocket science, so the naivety of Broons statement on the elimination of boom and bust ought to have already consigned him the waste bin of failed politicians. But it's a funny old world, and if the BBC gets its way, Broon might yet be hailed as a saviour!

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