Wednesday, October 08, 2008

TMP calls the bottom...

It is imminent. Mark the date and time of this posting.

Tuesday October 14th will see the start of the upswing as markets suddenly realise that people are still eating, driving, and buying consumer goods.

This will be when aptly named "bottom feeding" speculators judge that they have wrung every last panic measure from every government and forced markets to their lowest point, watch the stock markets soar again as the cute investors that piled out when the market peaked ...all pile back in at the bottom.

Especially now that commodities are falling back to sanity.

The naivety of Broon & Co and his coterie of halfwit politicians and advisers truly knows no bounds, although there is more than a fighting chance that the value of any equity investments they made in a panic might be more than amply repaid in less time than anyone imagined possible.

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