Thursday, October 09, 2008

And still it goes on

Oh dear. Speculators rightly assume from a brief analysis of the situation that they can lead the usual sheep to take markets even lower. More insurance companies are now starting to creak, and many of these control matters such as pensions that will probably force further painful interventions that will result in even better value for money when the speculators decide to move back in.

There is real danger that manipulators are playing a waiting game to see just how close to the brink they can take the world economy - on the basis that modern electronic trading will make the rebounds even more sudden and dramatic, enabling several opportunities to take profits as markets lurch upwards in a series of gasps. A steady climb back up wouldn't be nearly as profitable.

However, Gordon's stern facade is cracking once more, and perhaps the bottom will only arrive for the UK once he has gone and the speculators have someone less predictable and inept to play with.

If the system of fractional reserve banking is really so broken that it cannot patched up, then what is the alternative? It's curious how we are currently being edged ever closer to ponder that perhaps the principles of Sharia economics might be the only viable scheme to pursue. Meantime, please keep your eye on more important terrorism issues, and don't forget to take off your shoes, belts and hand in your contact lens solution when boarding an aircraft...

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