Thursday, October 02, 2008

One down, lots to go...

Sir Ian Blair's vacuous head on a pikestaff is a good start - and the comments in Have Your Say in the BBC new website are unusually unanimously "good riddance", despite the best efforts of the BBC to canonise the worthless twerp. Blair (take you pick of either) was/is the epitome of a "Common Purpose" placemen, and hopefully will be the first of many sad losses for that insidious movement.

In case you didn't watch the BBC's floating voter panel commenting on DC's speech (a mistake using the lectern by the way), you should be aware the most positive reaction came when he was on about jobsworths and health and safety stupidity. (A favourite theme of TMP as doubtless you are aware).

The rest of the speech - and especially the reference to the sainted Margaret - didn't rouse the rabble too favourably. Whatever you may think of the realities, the perception remains everything - and there are clearly no-go areas for the floaters, including Mrs T and Poll Tax. (Although TMP continues to try and work out why Council Tax is effectively any different, other than it allows the wilful more options to evade.)

However, since witless PC runs through every fibre of Labour's being, it should be simple enough to use that one thread to weave a blanket of populist measures that at last address concerns of the British people, that enough is enough.

TMP thinks the attack on councils will also be quite sustainable - we detect little sympathy. Perhaps another theme could be the dramatic reduction of pointless street furniture (inc cameras) and markings, we have no doubt the suppliers of all that junk will be the only people concerned.

Bring on the revolution! The process must involve undoing many things; not doing even more.

Although it's too bad about the chop for quangos - TMP was hoping for a turn on one while the gravy train still chugged. Still, we suppose it's a small price to pay for the return of some sanity.

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