Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where is the leadership coming from?

Labour has pretty much wrecked the economy, and history repeats itself - in part. But the last time Jim Callaghan drove the UK into the buffers and the arms of unctuous international financiers, a certain iron lady was able to step up to the plate and sort out the shambles, without worrying too much about treading on a few toes. Globalisation then meant the last vestiges of the British Empire, and most of the UK was not owned by assorted French, Spanish, German and even Icelandic conglomerates. And the Eu was a trading block, not a social engineering project of the left leaning politicians of France and Germany.

However, she didn't have the benefit of instant global nonstop communication and PR advisers with Blackberries, or benches laden with professional politicians who wouldn't know an honest day's work if it bit them in the arse. Most of Maggie's crew had worked at real jobs at some time or other.

This time around Labour has wrecked not only the economy, but also a large part of the heritage of the entire country, and in their efforts to create a client society has managed to give Scotland both the will and the means to establish meaningful Independence! An own goal if ever there was for Westminster's Caledonian cabal. Elect them again and watch as Bolton votes to secede from the remains of the UK and become a province of Bangladesh or Pakistan.

There is so much about the modern "professional" political scene that is wrong and harmful to the people who live in the real world (and we don't mean the world of Guardian adverts offering pages and pages of non-job to people who simply could not exist in a world of commercial reality).

Democracy - implying majority rule - was clearly a flawed concept long before the Georges Bush were spouting it as the basis for beating up Arabs for oil. Democracy now means rule by a tyranny of minorities that controls the swing vote, so let us pray that at the next election there will be a party able to muster sufficient Thatcher-esque leadership nerve to make a difference.

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