Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Great Caledonain Swindle

Talk about rudderless. The annual Labour Party Goon Show was as typically unenlightening as it was scary for the complete absence of any workable ideas to take the country forward in the midst of financial chaos. A situation brought about by precisely the fumbling boom and bust cock-up that Gordon had promised us was a thing of the wicked Tory past.

A failed old Caledonian fraudster reads a speech written by someone else, gets bigged up his PR-savvy missus, and the fluffy UK media heaves a sigh of relief that it wasn't as dreadful as it might have been. Yet no new proposals were put forward, just some thinly veiled threats that it could get worse - especially if a new an inexperienced David was handed the reins. And every time he opened his mouth, out came platitudes aplenty - but at a cost; and no clues as to how to cut the crippling costs and abject waste of 11 years of socialist misrule.

Much of Gordon's effort moved away from blathering on endlessly about prudence (for she is now in firmly forgotten consigned to a rest home for loose women) to try and rubbish the Conservatives by the use the age old tactic of a big enough lie repeated frequently enough.

Although some may suspect that the new caring, sharing Gordon Brown has probably got his heart in the right place, but his head remains firmly stuck up his arse, and he only offers the semblance of leadership thanks to the fact that all his colleagues are plainly lightweight no hopers. But do we want "nice blokes" to lead the UK at this time of global challenge and crisis, or would we prefer to have the nation's interests being managed by an uncompromising hard case like Margaret Hilda Thatcher in her prime? Or dare we suggest it, a "completely unreasonable and irascible old bastard" like Robert Mugabe, albeit with the nation's interests at heart, rather than his own?

A damp eyed Rab C Nesbitt could have comfortably replaced Gordon Brown reading the speech off the auto-prompt, and the poll ratings might have been even better. At least there might have been a few laughs.

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