Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Deep down in the Brown Stuff

Brown's big party speech was a pathetic ramble that failed to explain why after 11 years we are where we are - ie up to our ears in the Brown Stuff. How he has managed to spend so much of everyone's cash with so little to show for it all remains a mystery; but he will of course be spending even more in pursuit of his vision (and votes).

TMP lost count of the number of times the empty words "British" and "fairness" were used.

Apparently, we are going to work tirelessly to bring justice and democracy to Burma, Zimbabwe, Darfur are we..? Err... could we test that idea out in England, please?

And the NHS is now apparently going to cure cancer and all other diseases; never mind the rocketing rates of TB and resistance to antibiotics that have arisen pretty much as a direct result of Labour's woefully (and wilfully) misguided policies.

The boy Cameron still has an open goal to aim at. If anything it grew wider and taller by a few feet during Brown's tiresome waffle - so those of us who are aching to see a credible alternative to displace Labour will not forgive him if he does a Beckham and plants the ball in the stands.

Meanwhile, this YouTube poster seems to be able to find something to laugh about...

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