Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shock horror! Politician answers the question

For those of us who suspect anything is better than another Labour administration, occasions when David Cameron offers himself for sacrifice on the altars of the BBC's socialist sympathisers can be nervous occasions. We all know that the present poll ratings reflect despair with Brown rather than confidence in the alternative, so the bounce in Broon's popularity when his conference speech was not the complete disaster that was expected, is mildly disconcerting. Can he really con more of the people, more of the ime?

Today ,(Sunday) the boy Cameron managed the less than perfectly objective Andrew Marr very well, and answered all the questions without evading a single one, or making obtuse and irrelevant references. In fact, at times he simply doesn't come across as a politician "as we know it"- so is that why Brown calls him "inexperienced and lightweight"? After all, if Labour's lightweight politicians started answering simple questions directly, if would be far worse for socialist business.

Cameron had the sense to let a tasty policy out of the bag to spice the interview, and one that is going to be hard to rubbish (but tempting to copy?). Blair and Brown have both identified the long term solution to the economic shambles: a better educational process. Blair went on about education, education, education at tedious length, and left Brown to do little but spend, spend, spend.

Despite all the fine rhetoric, we still have despairing parents willing to do anything to avoid sending their kids into a dysfunctional state system.

TMP endorses Cameron's declared policy of copying the hugely successful Swedish system by allowing state funds to be used by properly managed private institutions is a more credible policy for the future of the country than anything Broon/Blair managed over 11 costly years. And thanks to the vagueness and distortion of PFI, there may well be another £100bn surprise coming the voters' way.

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