Monday, September 08, 2008

Brown's syndrome

Gordon Brown's measures to "bolster" the economy tell you pretty much everything you need to know about this once-lucky politician. They are a typical hotpotch of inept fiddling on the fringes, long on detail and minutiae, short on effect and substance. His handling of the Northern Rock crisis was equally inept. The poor bloke simply did not have what it took to cope with the economic storms of the real world once the last vestige of the shelter afforded by John Major's now apparently astonishing economic miracle, was finally blown away by 10 years of socialist meddling and decay.

He references to his personal challenges as evidence of his suitability for the task ahead are borderline pathetic, he is a sorry and embarrassing sight, and must go soon.

The yanks, on the other hand, do things in style. When they bale out a mortgage lender, they don't mess about, and the world applauds them. Although now the US faces the fascinating challenge of coping with a state-owned institution. TMP is tempted to ponder what the US government has been saying to the captains of US finance, and if it has told them they are going to being paying for this anyway, since it was their mismanagement that caused the problem.

The UK needs a bold new vision and someone with the nerve to blast it through the many poisonous vested interests now in play. Back in the days of Mrs Thatcher, it was "just" the unions that needed seeing to, these days the challenge is trimming the influence of globalised markets and the manipulative companies (EDF and Eon spring to mind). The way EDF outrageously fleeces UK customers to subsidise the French market is quite amazing, yet because Brown needs to get EDF to build the power stations that Labour has fudged, he seems powerless (sic) to sort them out.

It seems that Tories are more terrified then ever of an early election - they really don't want to be held in any way responsible for what is about to happen over the next 18 months in the UK.

God help us all.

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