Saturday, July 26, 2008

The State of the Union

What an utter fook-up.

New Labour's sleazy attempts to appease its Scottish "client society" with devolution and a white elephant parliament, in order to retain their stranglehold on Westminster through dubious Scottish lobby-fodder MPs has backfired in a big way, and now the crafty Alex Salmond is within inches of his goal of a properly independent Scotland.

Let him have it. The irony that it has been the Scots that have actually ruled and ruined the English for the past 11 years is not lost on us.

And let Labour disappear into the sort of obscurity that they so richly deserve for having made such a complete shambles of running the country during what is now universally regarded as a golden age of low inflation, low energy costs, and low food costs that has allowed the Asian economies to get in position to literally "eat our lunch" and turn off our industry.

Go now Gordon Brown, you may indeed be well-meaning, but the facts show you are quite breathtakingly inadequate for the job, as Tony and Cherie knew all along. Otherwise at the present rate of decline, a good old-fashioned lynching is quite possibly on the cards.

In fact, TMP is considering publishing knitting patterns to keep the crowd amused between executions.

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