Friday, July 25, 2008

Men in Beards

Although we have seen no photographs, we assume that the "council official" responsible for issuing a £30 ticket to the builder who was driving his own van, on his own, whilst indulging in the heinous crime of smoking a cigarette at his place of work, has a beard.

The fact that this matter also then descended into a debate on the subject of "when is a van not a van but private transport ?" added a further dimension to the sort of farce inspired by witless council functionaries, empowered way beyond their limited levels of intelligence of common sense that is now all too familiar in this benighted land.

Next time you find yourselves anywhere near Llanafan, near Aberystwyth, be certain not to light up - or support the local economy in any way, eh? Maybe driving all the businesses to bankruptcy thereby slashing the amount taken in business rates will encourage the halfwits at the council to get rid of its surplus staff. Because then there will be no places of work left for these clowns to pester, will there?

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