Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Apocolypse beckons...

We did warn you. Here’s the news that should trigger a wave of selling on global markets:

Starbucks plans to close 600 stores across U.S.; 12,000 employees affected.

Remember what was said here back in December 2007:

In times of recession, people and businesses are required to focus on what they really, really need. Do they need high streets packed with £3 a cup coffee shops, £5 a sandwich shops and phone shops that sell the most overpriced services on the planet?

Harold Macmillan’s famous response to a journalist when asked what is most likely to blow governments off course was “Events, dear boy... events.”

However, in the case of Gordon Brown, these “events” have been seen coming and predicted by more than just TMP for several years now, and yet no effort has been made to change the course of his socialist Titanic economy, built on over taxing, fairyland levels of unsustainable credit, centralised micro mismanagement, and topped off with Blair’s curious worship of celebrity and Big Money.

If this pantomime administration manages to cling on for its full term, Brown will deserve to be impeached for his failure to hold either an election to establish his legitimacy, or the promised referendum on his willingness to commit the UK to the new Franco-Prussian Empire.

If a water company can be fined for fibbing about leaks, what can we do about a Prime Minister that lies so comprehensively about the true rate of inflation ..? Rarely has one (allegedly well-meaning politician) have been able to screw up so monumentally on so many massively crucial issues in such a short space of time.

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