Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fanny and Freddie go bust-ish

Once again the consequences of the greed and stupidity of big US financial institutions is going to spread through global markets and impinge on the lives of people who have never heard of any of them, let alone encouraged them to lend money to basket cases.

Once again Gordon Brown will claim that influences beyond his feeble control are upsetting his master plan to solve world poverty and put a chicken in every Labour voter's pot, while denying that core inflation is actually running around 10% for the year.

His beloved Prudence appears to be about to be knocked up once again by some foreign gigolo - this time he's called Freddy, and with his moll Fannie joining in a Mosely-esque threesome orgy of fiscal impropriety. Unlike Max & Co., we don't particularly enjoy a spanking.

As reported in the Sunday Times Business Section today on the subject of careless chatter in cyberspace among credit-rating analysts that is proving a boon to regulators investigating just who is going to go a jail for the biggest financial frauds of all time:-

“Let’s hope we’re all wealthy and retired by the time this house of cards falters,” an analyst wrote in a candid e-mail to a colleague.

Let's hope Gordon is sent back into Caledonian exile and obscurity before too much else goes horribly wrong on his watch... he may have been a "lucky" chancellor, he is plainly an unbelievably unlucky PM.

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