Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Boy David and his open goal

It seems that the sight of a deserted pitch and open goal might be encouraging David Cameron to pluck up courage to expose a few policies to the possibility that Zanu-NewLabour will attempt to steal them.

The idea that people should be rewarded for recycling rather than fined is a nice one - and potentially a momentous breakthrough towards some of the ideas that TMP has suggested for getting motorists back onside.

There is a real "zeitgeist issue" here if he can develop it - those who are visible in society because they drive insured and taxed vehicles and live at fixed abodes really are despairing at the way the "powers that be" don't bother with those who live their lives on the fringes and do their best to fly under official radar.

TMP wonders if Cameron may have caught on to the notion that it's actually simpler to reward the responsible than it is to catch and prosecute the feckless.

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