Sunday, August 07, 2011

Of course it's not the rioters' fault

The problem seems to be that our society is at an end point. The gathering financial storm simply has to recognise that Broon used up all the quick fixes when he tried to buy the last UK general election, and there is no escape from our situation of "no money".

The witless social engineering fluffies that managed to dishonestly finance themselves and their dogma for the past 30 years with fairy money have - without regard for circumstance or relevance - systematically distracted every walk of life by imposing their skewed notions of "accountability" procedures, processes and political correctness that stifles initiative, common sense and any desire to "take responsibility".

The legions of our growing entitlement and benefit culture eagerly leverage this fundamental weakness, and blame everyone and anything but themselves when things go wrong.

Community "leaders" predictably are now saying love, understanding and money needed to rebuild ... Wrong. Leave Tottenham as a smouldering monument to remind us all that the "free social money party" is over, so especially don't shit on your own doorsteps. Instead, you need to defend them and disarm  those who try and disrupt your community.

Maybe we can spend a little cash to erect a razor wire enclosure to keep them all in while they contemplate what they have done - and allowed to be doine. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.


Anonymous said...

the jobs are not here any more
young people have little hope of getting out of the hole the government trap them in,
its time we started our own fair trade products that give jobs to people and help with education ect
i read that we have nearly 1 million young people who are neet not in education or training maybe this is because the vast amount of places are taken by refuges
the government are letting us down
under24s are not allowed to claim working tax credits if thay are single and without children but work and minimum wages are much less, education maintenance
has been scraped up to 30 pounds a week to stay in education, the government need to stop importing crap from china, and start manufacturing stuff here we need jobs in this country this would help our economy
grow people would be able to afford stuff and more people would be paying tax act,
the government are quick to point the finger at unemployed and single mothers to name but a few but MPs didn't lose there jobs when fiddling their expenses. they tell us the poor have to much debt and we see our government borrowing billions and giving money away in foreign aid, we bail out every one else and the government shit on there own the people who work in this country the people who are made redundant in this country the people who are born in this country the people who are educated in this country the people who need hospital care in this country the people who die for this country the people who go in to nursing homes in this country and the final joke the people who are taxed when they die in this country my advice to anyone 24 and under go to college , uni get all the finance you can and get out this country its an over priced shit hole, use the government like they use the rest of us and good look in canada, down under or any were else in the fucking world but this dump. soon the fuckers will have job centres in india and if you don't go for an interview you money will be stopped, ps i am a mother of 3 and have worked all my life and my children are university educated i live in a council house because my home was repossessed in the early 90s remember the
interest rates i have done my best for my family but hate what this country has become no one should be living in poverty but most of the working and unemployed population in this country do if you claim tax credits of any sort above the family element you are in poverty worzel i will come with you to london but only on novmber the 5th. lol,

Anonymous said...

we sold my mothers home to pay for her nursing care the bastards, and care in the community what a joke that is. get rid of the queen she is the biggest benefit claimant in the country,

Anonymous said...

rioters went out across the country for no other reason than for greed ,
i bet a lot of them had been drinking or smoking weed
they smashed things up and burnt things down
and stole so bloody much,
people died as a result of what the rioters did
and all so that they could sell it on for a couple of quid
our broken society is the fault of the government a case of to many wankers spoil the soup.