Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mr Patel's Army ..?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

It's easy to say TMP saw this one coming. If you look back through the archives you will see we have consistently predicted the reality and undercurrents that shape UK society in the past few years.
 Sprinkle on the recent humiliation of all forms of traditional authority resulting from the MP expense fiasco, and then the high profile police resignations around phonegate, and we have a recipe for insurrection. Or do we?

The London riots were all about greed and looting; there was almost no political relevance. There has been no real effect yet felt from so-called "cuts". The rioters were not "protesters" as the BBC controversially insisted on describing them; they were street kids who believed that they could get "free stuff", and that the police (and public) were too scared to stop them.

We have all now seen that the politically neutered Police have not got a chance of dealing with trouble on this modest scale - so there will now have to be organised citizen defence groups, and the best  thing we can do is to accept the fury of "the majority" and channel it into something approaching a modern "Home Guard" to assist the police, and deter the troublemakers at source.

The Turks who defended areas around Hackney have not featured on the "official" news anywhere. is this because the establishment has told the media not give people ideas - after all, we have seen how effective the BBC has been when inciting the riots in the first place by helping spread some notion of entitlement to protest, when a known drug dealer got caught up in an "incident".

It seems undeniable that the whole thing kicked off in the one-parent West Indian community - once the traditional object of fear and disdain by "responsible citizens" because of the undeniable connection between this community and London street crime. But fear of the West Indian gangland community was largely overtaken in the "public bogeyman" stakes by concern for Islamic terrorism.

It moved from these bored schoolkids to include "any old scum" when the BBC implied that there was a consequence-free time to be had looting apparently unpoliced areas. Is it really too much to expect that the BBC (and Sky) could have put up regular notices listing the potential sentences, and warning the (very stupid) rioters that you WILL be caught, and you WILL be jailed, and the goods you have stolen WILL be traced.

Now a big fear for the Met Police must be that the traditionally more coherent and responsible family ethnic/religious groups like Seikhs, Muslims and Hindus are already organising themselves into defence groups. Like the Turks of north London, they are not going to sit by and watch their businesses raided and torched.

This shambles was not the result of a "tiny" minority, but it was the result of a minority that could very easily be outnumbered by relatively small proportion of the responsible communities where they are based that was determined to put a stop to it.

Don't let the fluffies deter you; maybe their 15 year rule or irrelevant social engineering is over at last, and the common sense of the people can prevail once again..?.

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