Monday, August 08, 2011

Direct action...

Too much fringe social media is used by extremist factions to gee themselves up with "positive feedback", while "normal" people on sites like Facebook shy away from using what is generally a broad and moderate cross-opinion platform for political (or religious) debate.

If you have friends on Facebook whose political views are so at variance with yours, that telling what you believe to be the honest truth, causes friction because you cannot agree to disagree, and then deal with a grown up debate - you have discovered why so many PC-obsessed societies have been unable to hold proper debates and discussions about the onslaught of the breakdown of discipline and self discipline after years of misdirection by irresponsible social manipulators.

It is because we have been manoeuvred into being lost in "PC denial" - thanks to the efforts of the architects of political correctness: Tony "show me the money" Blair and his ghastly wife; Shagger Clinton and his even more dangerous missus, Hilary - plus the entire establishment of the EU - that we are where we are: properly fooked.

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