Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where now for News International?

TMP accurately predicted the day after the Dowler story broke that Murdoch would have no choice but to shut the NotW. With such proven prescience under our belt, what next for the sly old fox?

If you were Rupert, and you wanted to create a distraction in the UK press, what might you do? How about give the mostly useless Times and Sunday Times to its workers - with a heady incentive that's hard to resist of the first year's expenses in the bank? It's bugger-all use to him as it stands, and his generosity has won him few brownie marks - apart from a small band of people who really don't matter any longer.

That would be a nice way of further tucking up the smug and fast failing Observer and the preposterous Independant, and give the chattering bubble classes something to waffle about on the tedious BBC2 NewsNight.

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