Friday, July 15, 2011

And now for the Bigger Issues..?

Smile for the cameras, you Auld Fraud.

Brown's raging sanctimony is typical of the man as he seeks to blame everyone and everything but his own flawed character.

Don't forget that the utterly discredited Scottish Banks used to be feted and schmoozed by Broon and his Caledonian Cabal of the last Labour government.

And just look at the disaster of Broon's cocktail party where he schmoozed the idiot Victor Blank into gambling Lloyds TSB to save Broon's fellow Scots from their grotesque imprudence. Broon would have been briefed by the security services on every aspect of anyone he was getting embroiled with. Either he took personal responsibility for the calculated decisions based on political and personal expedience - or the security services are dangerously less competent than Inspector Clouseau.

Let's hope someone there is ready to blow the whistle on what the politicians actually knew.

The Murdoch Mess is merely emblematic of the problems of letting any organisation grow too big, arrogant and powerful.
Overbearing and manipulative global organisations and companies like Microsoft, Google, Tesco and the rising legions of Chinese and Indian companies all need to be kept at arm's length from government and regulators. And the BBC is clearly far, far too big and influential for the good of our public life.

The arrogance of scale applies not just to commercial companies, but also government. Smaller and better distributed government needs to be a part of a cathartic process going forward - and the technology of the Internet can be intelligently deployed to create "mesh" organisations where capable talent can be given more autonomy on a local basis.

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