Monday, July 18, 2011

The Malady Lingers On

Phonegate has now moved into new territory and now knocks on the door of much bigger questions around the hopelessness of anyone trying to suppress any information ever again in the age of google and total disclosure.

This all began in the heady days of Alisatair Campbell, Ian Blair, invasions and dodgy dossiers when "means to end" became the accepted mantra of manipulative politicians and media.

So the conversions of Milliband et al typically reek of opportunism, sanctimony and breathtaking cant.

Our money is still on Murdoch & Co. throwing a few more curves into the frenzy, and can't wait for the DCMS interviews. Ultimately, a series of moves based on mutually assured destruction are entirely possible.

At the present rate of Met resignations, a PCSO will be have to be Commissioner in about 54 days.

Mind how you go...

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