Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Last days of the Caledonian Empire ..?

Even the redoubtable flag bearer of the left, Poly Toynbee, seems to have given up and accepted the Cameron will be the next PM. SO there is a vigorous debate going on in left wing circles to try and work out where it all went so horribly wrong.

Of course, the prime suggestion must be that "Blue" Labour was simply not socialist enough, and that what we really needed was state ownership of everything whilst it was still worth a couple of quid. However, the left theorists and thinkers expressing their (typically) voluminous analysis are missing the point. Their philosophy has been tried in all its many degrees for the past 100 years, and it has not evolved past 1917 for the most part.

Sad or otherwise, the idea of working hard for the benefit of someone you don't know is utterly contrary to all human nature. There may be a few good Samaritans out there, and the greatest irony of all politics is that such people are rather more likely to be found on the right, than the left . Probably because they have understood enough about the way the world really works, and used that skill to earn the money to be able to assist.

The good communist would have given up all his/her (and everyone else's) possessions for the commune committee to manage, and thus there was nothing left to offer in times of trouble.

The left is still over populated by those who believe that Robin Hood had the plot - although even more ironically, they mostly end up as the soul mates of the Sheriff of Nottingham: rob from absolutely everyone, and use it buy apparatchiks.

So then all those of you who are still tempted to find ways to excuse socialism, give it a rest, and spare us the wibble. Then pause and learn how to work with human nature, rather than against it. Otherwise you'll need all the razor wire, CS gas and riot gear that you and your fellow travellers can muster.

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