Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're all Browned off

Vince Cable's modification of his assessment of Gordon Brown from Mr Bean to Mr Has Bean was typically insightful.

However, the problem that GB is quite so obviously now such a painfully "sub-prime minister" is very much the nation's problem, not just the Labour Party's. We have almost certainly reached that critical point where anything is better than the present encumbant, and most people are starting to suspect that it could be no worse with the PG Tips chimp in charge.

Although there is no real evidence to support the notion (yet) TMP has a sneaking suspicion that the boy Cameron might just turn out to be seriously good contender at a time when we need something well above the average to cope with the shambolic state of just about everything in this once great nation. There is nothing at all amongst the shambolic collection of politicos on the other side that even begins to look like a leader.

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