Sunday, May 11, 2008

Something of a breakthrough

The vote for Boris Johnson and the Conservative party in general suggests that we seem to be witnessing a sea change in the zeitgeist, as the unholy alliances between Big Money and cabals of misguided and inept minorities are starting to come apart.

Let us pray that this is the beginning of the end of rule by using exaggerated and irrational fear of anything the cabals can "bogeyfy" - ranging from terror to climate.

There appears to be a growing desire for the return of good old fashioned common sense.

Let's hope Cameron understands that he is mostly in favour purely because he could not be any worse than Gordon Brown, and that in order to secure the opportunity he needs to set about restoring some of the old-fashioned ideas that were sacrificed to spin. If you find yourself starting to feel any sympathy for the increasingly pathetic sight of Gordon Brown doing his sorry best to confess and promise to listen and try harder, then TMP has one word of advice: DON'T!

Brown always was grotesquely over rated as a Chancellor - he took a solid inheritance from the previous Tory administration, destroyed the pensions industry and built an economy on the shifting sands of dubious credit. It is supremely ironic but wholly justified that this all came home to roost within months of his assumption of the office of (sub) Prime Minister. And let's not spare the embarrassment of those idiots in the City and business that encouraged the New Labour disaster, and got their gongs (by hook or by crook). But it is too much to hope that they repent, and properly atone for their sins, since most have trousered fat fortunes built on Brown's phony property and credit booms, and are now wonderfully isolated from the cost of petrol, and the prospect of an impecunious old age.

It should be quite simple for Cameron to get the plot from here: the electorate has pretty much shown him what they want - genuine lo-nonsense conservative politics with a bit of an edge and glamour. The BoJo majority clearly doesn't care for political correctness, the ECHR or indeed the array of neo-Nazis Labour has invented, best exemplified by the Gestapo of Health and Safety.

Let's hope StanJo gets his son's vacated seat, and the undoing of the 12 years of the clearly failed New Labour Project continues, with a return to the old fashioned ideas of doing the will of the majority .


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