Saturday, April 12, 2008

We so told you so (contd)

Once again TMP's prescience in warning of the scope of this extraordinarily mismanaged government's sinister intentions is proven. News that a local council has used the draconian RIP anti-terror laws to spy on an innocent couple over the matter of schools placement, highlights several of the points we have been making....

1) Local Councils employ far too many people with nothing better to do

2) The education system in Labour's Britain is now so hopeless and broken, that local councils assume that people will be will to break the law in order to try and obtain the best option for their children, and avoid the many "sink schools" that now exist.

3) The powers of local councils and many other petty officials to spy and engage in covert surveillance on members of the public have got completely out of control.

The conclusion we should all draw is that Islamic terrorists have won; they have clearly destroyed the traditional way of life in this country by scaring us all into allowing a largely unaccountable government to enact a series of measures - inspired by minorities - that would impress the Nazis.

Seig Heil! Gordon...

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