Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't have your say... we're the BBC

The BBC's "have you say" bulletin board that discusses topical news and events is watched over by Auntie as thoroughly as you might expect, with every "debate" getting a fair number of rejected comments.

Despite the best efforts of the BBCs censors, the generally unsympathetic tone of the silent majority venting its spleen on the serial stupidity and foolishness of the PC left, manages to prevail; much to the chagrin, no doubt, of the Guardianistas that otherwise rule the output the BBC to try and ensure that it avoids populism as far as possible. But let's be honest, with a process of sanitisation like this, the only comments we're really interested in reading are the rejected ones, such as this that was sent to TMP the other day by a bemused poster who wondered just what rule had been broken:

"I was going to suggest that we should put Robert Mugabe in charge of the 2012 Olympic judging, then there's a chance we might win everything, and have a thoroughly entertaining time. But now it seems that even that old rogue can't fiddle the books for ever. Maybe instead we can introduce "postal judging", with the submissions opened in Birmingham?"

TMP is considering putting up a BBS system where BBC rejects can be guaranteed a place to post their messages...

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