Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vlad tidings from Russia

Gordon's gang of fresh-faced but inexperienced ministers might like to keep in mind that if Vladimir Putin wants to fire a shot across the UK bow, the last thing he need do would be resort to the sort of gung-ho cold war nonsense that was so pointlessly exhumed with the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

Typically, the UK's entire technical expertise these days seems to be focused on the last physical remnants of that Cold War - the defence technology industry and its close relation, surveillance systems. From a world-leading position in telecoms, we have yet again pretty much abdicated all aspects of a fundamentally crucial core industry - in this case IP routers and switches.

All Vlad needs to do to send a message of stark clarity to the amateur politicians on Brown's steep learning curve would be to instruct one of his teams of hackers to switch off the Internet to the UK for 5 minutes. Moreover they would use any one of probably several thousand zombie/sleeper systems that they almost undoubtedly control sitting patiently on the ends of innocent UK broadband connections. Better still, since you are no doubt monitoring this blog, Comrade, why not redirect all UK government websites to ..?

It's very easily done.

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