Friday, July 06, 2007

New New Labour, same old old story

Well, it's been quite a baptism for the "new government", but clearly Gordon is not going to be up to it in the long run. He and his woefully talent-free team are almost certain to hit a few skiers within the first few months - possibly the collapse of the credit economy that he did so much to encourage, or yet more uneasy revelations about immigration and political gerrymandering. And the cash for gongs affair is still far from out of the way.

The only question is if David Cameron is going to drop the catch. Too bad the country remains so polarised where William Hague, the safest pair of debating hands on the opposition benches, and the best political talent left standing, is concerned.

The awful truth is that the public would probably vote for Chantelle Houghton in an effort to relieve the boredom that seems inevitable.

But watch this space. Whilst Tony was a subtle Scot, Gordon is the full blown wode-wearing, sporran swinging, claymore swishing thoroughly Caledonian thing. Remember readers, he occupies No 10 as the result of the thoroughly gerrymandered Scottish vote - not the English vote. Moreover, the Scots have their own regime, embarrassingly headed up by the next best political talent to Hague in the UK, the redoubtable Alex Salmond. It could well suit Alex to see Gordon trip up and land sporran-first in the thistle patch.

As interest rates continue to climb and our faux economy falters, the very Scottish and very dour Alistair Darling will be ruffling English feathers aplenty. Things are warming up.

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