Sunday, July 29, 2007

How to Save UK Democracy ..?

What an unmitigated shambles for the Tories.

Cameron is being advised by dangerous idiots and presently stands no chance of being elected after all. It seems that only way forward is for ALL the despairing Conservative MPs to cross the floor and join the Labour Party, along with all the LibDems.

From there, they can practise their acerbic brand of disloyalty and teach the Labour and LibDems a thing or to about undermining their respective leaderships.

Then after a brief period of complete chaos perhaps two credible parties might emerge with distinct alignments and policies to deal with the key issues of UK democracy - starting with the UK itself.

This would also be the moment for Scotland to decide if it wanted to be a UK team player, and instead of forever whining on about independence, become properly independent at last, and stop bothering the rest of us. Either way, no Scottish MP should be entitled to vote on non-Scottish affairs of any sort.

Or maybe we will end up with 10 parties, but genuine proportional representation and use of referenda to reflect the changed realities of an online age?

We are fast approaching that point where ANYTHING is better than what we have now.

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