Friday, July 20, 2007

Cash for dishonours

If anyone imagines that the end of the cash for honours case has left any of those involved with the vestige of any honour or credibility, then they must be living in a parallel universe.

A dodgier bunch of Del-boy alikes is hard to imagine. Talk amongst rich might-be donors of "Ks" and "Ps" cannot be chuckled off with the sort of relieved levity shown by bluff amnesic Welshman Sir Chris Evans without comment from TMP.

Of course the implication is that "they all do it" and have done so for centuries since fiefdoms were bought and sold by Saxons and the rest, so let's have a gentleman's truce now and draw a veil of the current proceedings, since every party that has ever appointed a K or a P has almost certainly got the dirt on everyone else in the club.

In the real world outside Westminster, mortals who are hounded by the unforgiving nature of much petty legislation don't belong to the sort of mutual protection rackets that protect dodgy politicians and their acolytes.

That unfortunate flower seller at the London station who is presently waiting to find out how much a stray petal is going to cost her would probably have got off for nothing if only she had been selling peerages instead of peonies.

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