Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"We were only following orders..."

That notorious phrase was made specifically infamous during the Nuremberg war crime trials following WW2 when various "paid agents of the state" did their political masters' bidding.

The UK is presently being filling up with numerous paid agents of the state, who are imposing (by crude fiscal force) a range of policies that interfere with the status quo of "normal" people and business, and that are dreamed up by anything but "majority opinion". Normal people (viz the majority) find these increasingly unpleasant, obtrusive, and above all, completely unnecessary in a society that once prided itself on regulation with a degree of common sense.

One characteristic of these impositions is that they provide cosy if pointless employment schemes and fat sinecures for the otherwise unemployable - from the foot soldiers to the QUANGO chairpeople with their questionable peerages, yet another (generally socialist) gravy train will be along soon, where you are paying for these pointless people to ride.

Ken Livingstone's Congestion TAX employs lots of people, adds yet more "furniture" to our already over cluttered streets, extorts lots of money, and barely pays its running costs. And there is little discernible benefit to the traffic inside the zone; and London's public transport remains as unpleasant as any major city in the Eu. So in reality, it is an employment creation scheme and little else.

The even more sinister road pricing proposals that were accidentally put to a popular vote on the No 10 website are a very handy reminder that the "silent majority" will react when given a chance. The irritated response of worn-out career politicians like the awful Gwyneth Dunwoody was that it was a stupid idea to let the ignorant populace contribute to policy decisions. So then, can the people be trusted to make such important decisions or not?

Hmmm... maybe she has a point if the people's decision to elect Gwyneth and the rest of her band of discredited gerrymandering chancers for another 5 years of torment and bad government is anything to go by.

Just as the 3rd Reich was underpinned by the zealots with the "instruments of the state" at their disposal, so by "only following orders" Labour's swollen army of petty officialdom is well on the way to exterminating the last vestige of common sense and personal liberty in the UK.

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