Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Climate change: a new religion, complete with carbon-neutral burnings at the stake

Well, TMP did try and warn you that any sign of consensus around climate change was going to be ruthlessly exploited by politicians as another means to terrorise the voters into accepting ever more alarming impositions, curtailment of freedoms and, of course, taxes. Lots and lots of lovely taxes so that politicians can invest your money more wisely than you can, as they always do.

The possibility that perhaps the climate change might be due to solar patterns has been aired a couple of times recently, although not with too much of a fanfare. One eminent professor of meteorology has dared to point out that the climate has changed quite dramatically throughout history, well before cars were invented.

But the religious zeal continues to conceal the real reason for the politicians' panic - the growing control of fossil energy by nuclear Arabs and unpredictable Russians. Both of which of course embarrassingly exposes the stupidity and mismanagement of government priorities and international relations over the past 20 years, when so much more could have been done to avoid this situation arising. Instead, the politicians' only escape route to reduce dependency on these scarily dodgy sources is to generate a religious fervour bordering on hysteria, and based on almost no scientific perspective whatever.

To all those who continue to fall for the beguiling but probably phony nonsense about the environment, we say...

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