Friday, February 02, 2007

Banging up the PM?

The feeding frenzy on the remains of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair's once glittering political career is gathering pace. And with every day the torment drags on, the possibility that the eventual shambles will also suck the pompous and improbably egregious Gordon Brown under, grows significantly.

Goodness me, but these are interesting times. Try as they might, even the most loyal toadies at the BBC (will those resignation honours still seem appropriate if Blair is charged with flogging peerages to Labour Party cronies?) are finding it tricky to dredge up sufficient supporters to keep the New Labour boat afloat while the seacocks are open, and the many rats are lining up for the flotation devices.

Yet the Conservative Party seems shell shocked and unprepared for the possibility it could win a general election. Maybe they are too busy shredding their share of the evidence of cash for honours over the years, for just as bungs to Arabs when doing business in the Middle East are a fact of life, so the purchase of honours by party donors has been "understood" by all sides of the establishment since the Middle Ages. Except no one has managed to take Insp Knacker of the Yard to one side and enlighten him, as he presses on with his embarrassing enquiries in Downing Street.

One must wonder if this fearless investigator is driven by a fiercely sanctimonious streak like so many of his brain-washed colleagues, or if he is a secretly old-school copper that hates what Blair's New Labour has done to the country, and realises he's got a heaven-sent opportunity to derail it before it's all too late.

Some good might come from this if the piously sanctimonious and unworldly folk that have been allowed to take charge and railroad the catastrophic programme of political correctness during ten years of New Labour's "project" at last realise that life is an analogue process, where subtle judgements involving many shades of grey are an essential part of the process of coping with reality.

Although recent experience suggests that is more likely that there will be a period of puritanical zeal as all trace of "compromised probity" is expunged from public service, where motorists are banged up for doing 31 mph in 30 mph zones, and shopkeepers transported to the colonies for selling a loaf of bread that's 1 hour past its sell-by date.

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Andrew Clarke said...

It is certainly very satisfying to see the BBC (Blair Broadcasting Corporation) in such a state of discomfort. The reason you don't hear about the policies of the other parties, other than to jeer at them, is because the BBC, and the ToadY program won't air them.