Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The pimps of the insurance racket

TMP has wondered for a while why the Tories of all parties oversaw the introduction of speed cameras to the UK; but I think we have uncovered the answer.

It seems that car insurers have agreed amongst themselves (of course it's another City cartel - they even have recorded messages telling their customers that they collude) to arbitrarily add ~£100-200 to a premium for an isolated SP30 (£60/3 points) offence on a policy with over 7 years NCB and no previous convictions of any sort in 36 years of motoring.

"Oh no they don't" came one response from a company that pointed out the "penalty" was only £44 for the year. But "Oh yes they do" for that cunningly overlooks the fact that the £30-50 "penalty" is added for EACH YEAR the ticket is "live".

TMP would like to point out that this means these companies now make VASTLY more from the much-reviled speed cameras than the "safety partnerships" that operate them - considering the partnerships also have to pay for the operation of them.

And so, presumably it would be very much in their interests to see more of them installed. Can anyone confirm that no motor insurer is involved in any of the so-called "safety camera partnerships" in the UK..?

Best of all is the term for one who lives off the earnings of another, where those earnings arise from an illegal act (viz the heinous crime of speeding). Motor insurers are all apparently "pimps".

And before any insurer prepares a sanctimonious response, please ascertain which of your directors/employees has never exceeded the speed limit, and is prepared to swear to that fact in court.

How do they all plead?

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