Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Least worst

Apologies for the long absence.

TMP really does not know what to say when faced with the unremitting awfulness of Ed Milliband, the endless stupidity of Nick Clegg and the apparent abandonment of his once-faithful flock by David Cameron.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of archive, search and privacy invasion technology, the sanctimonious media has conspired to make old-fashioned leadership impossible. The net result of which is that it seems we are indeed being lead by a gang of witless pygmies. Quite how Boris has escaped this process of "mediaocritisation" is a mystery, but does give encouragement to the notion that some characters can still assert themselves in spite of everything.
God Help us, only Nigel Farage appears to have a grasp of what the punters want - and even draws support from the Labour and Tory parties - so maybe we should allow his wackier supporters some latitude and time to settle into the possibility that they could be holding the balance after the 2015 election.
The BBC-Guardian will be suffering ever more frequent attacks of the vapours as the progress of UKIP continues, and the reaction of the assorted massed bands of the usual fluffies that have ruled UK politics since the 60s, will be is one of the few things we have to look forward to as the people find they have a voice for the time in a long time.

Interesting times.

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