Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Politics gets interesting once again

Well, it's been a while. How have you all been keeping?

Mainstream politicians everywhere continue to display all round incompetence, and people everywhere are growing ever more weary of leadership by the out-of-touch and their phalanxes of "civil servants" with agendas for social engineering.

The fundamental flaw of democracy - government by barely moral and thoroughly manipulative folks who live in a bubble - and buy your votes using your money - continues to undermine most so-called democratic societies, as indeed the Greeks themselves observed, 4000 years ago,.

UKIP's recent UK success has clearly woken up the posh boys who have been trying hard to rubbish UKIP, but have ended up simply annoying the core Tory voters even more. And now we know Nigel Farage is not UKIP's only star turn. The UKIP chancellor hits an aggressive Andrew Neil out of the park.

The UK people are plainly ready for core change. Attitudes towards "reality" in benefits and immigration seem to be ahead of the incumbent politicians' ability to respond, and there is much evidence that those bubble-dwellers who simply have no resonance with ordinary people - like Milliband - are being caught off balance, and being forced to make up policy on the hoof.

The Leveson consequences are also becoming better understood, and belief that Leveson has been manipulated by the usual suspects from the various New World Order think tanks may become irresistible before a huge mistake is made.  Although can all the laws in the world keep the "information genii" in the bottle these days?

Overall, it looks like politics are becoming interesting again. I might resume a more regular blogging habit.

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