Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's all to play for...

It's time to get mad. Peter Fich's character knew it back in 1976, and it seems nothing has changed.

There is a real mood in the UK to tackle the dissonance with the Westminster/media bubble and a desire to properly sort it out and remind just who is whose "obedient servants". Yes, the peasants are revolting. Polls suggest that UKIP could get >30% next May - and maybe there could be 100+ defections after Mark Reckless romps home in the coming by-election, as the most threatened Tory (and now even Labour MPs) jump before they are binned by their electors.

A dissident Scotland has already been handed a fabulous collection of concessions funded by the English - and now looks set to hold teh balance in the next UK parliament with SNP MPs of all things.

TMP thinks that many English voters are going to vote for candidates more than parties for the first time ever - and well loved MPs will sense this and gain confidence. There is a lot to be said for standing away from tribal party politics and its association with the hated "bubble" this time, and the tools of social media allows the individual MP to make much more of a direct impact than ever before. Party "machines" are now seen as downright embarrassing in many situations. Which labour MP wants Ed Milliband to show up to endorse them?

There remains the concern that the "vote UKIP wake up with Ed" threat will intervene at the last moment, so maybe stalwart party supporters weary of Dave's pseudo Blairism and Ed's clusterf*ck shambles - that has done so much to fuel UKIP - can avoid feeling like full-on "switchers", but would vote for those stalwart local MPs who have the confidence to stand as an independent conservative or labour candidate, representing their voters, and reserving the right to use their judgement on any post-election coalition deals and "alignments".

Such freelance MPs could also now very simply ask their electors to endorse that decision in an instant local referendum, which is as easily organsied as an X factor phone vote.

Popualism and people pwoer is a very scary proposition for the establishment.

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