Thursday, April 19, 2012

Abucockup: what a mind boggling shambles this government is turning out to be.

This latest Londonistan fiasco seems all to believable. It seems that the European legal process requires the UK to offer this poisonous preacher "his rights" when this same government has allowed the US to come and grab UK citizens on vastly flimsier pretexts.

However, TMP's man at Westminster insists that the root problem is that the last Labour government gave employment to a diverse and inclusive array of generally barely competent civil servants in national and local government (plus the BBC of course) who were (and remain) unemployable in any situation that has responsibility to proper shareholders – and thus eagerly willing to carry out insane and stupid policies. Furthermore, this dumb but gratefully compliant workforce is lead by carefully indoctrinated and highly political factions within the civil service and unions, who are in effect “sleeper cells” left to carry on the Great Project after Labour’s inevitable removal, and resist all effort to impose a new regime of accountability and competence.

Thus the coalition steadfastly appears to be two ends of a pantomime horse – neither of which has any sentient capability that we have yet been able to discern. In other words, one cheek more than Gorgeous George Gallaway’s proposed fundament.

Words fail us.

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