Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hoorah for George Galloway ..?

Just as there came a moment when the "Big 5" terrestrial TV broadcasters realised their game was up, and the broadcast hegemony was doomed by the arrival of "digital", so British politics changed forever when George Galloway came from nowhere and was swept along on a tide of frustration and despair.

None of the usual parties have anything to offer any of the electors, other than seemingly random imposition of ever more austerity, and ever more sinister, stupid and pointless regulation - and worst of all - yet more politics and politicians, in form of the many further gravy trains of devolution that play to the old ideas of "divide and rule".

So can the Internet do for British politics what digital TV did for broadcasting, and organise an audience that is spread across a thousand channels of opinion into a electable proposition?

We might as well accept now that Cameron is clumsily and hopelessly tainted and has missed a whole fistful of golden opportunities. The cabinet of millionaires and chums - barely any of whom have done a real day's work in their privileged lives - has turned out to be such a disappointment.

Cameron is evidently not the bloke for the job of PM, and George "don't call me Gideon" Osborne is to economic and political strategy, what the BBC is to objective, unbiased and "value for money" public broadcasting.

It seems like time for real change. And we need to be careful that is the right change, and not just change for change's sake - which is likely to be the fate of Ghastly George Galloway's futile proposition.

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